Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor recently completed 25 years and went down memory lane and shared a tweet saying, “25 years of #Ballajitelefilms! It started in August 1994!” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—On the occasion of Naag Panchami, fans of Ekta Kapoor eagerly await “Naagin 4” and the announcement of who will be essaying the title role in the next season. One of the most successful shows bankrolled by the producer is this series that continues to rule.

Excited fans took to their social media, asking Kapoor to reveal the big surprise. The Balaji Telefilm’s official handle posted, “On the occasion of #NaagPanchmi Fans @ektakapoorworld demand from @ektaravikapoor that they really need to know who is our next Naagin!!!!! #Naagin4@shobha9168 @chloejferns.”

Here are a few posts by fans on Instagram:






A game-changer in the Indian television industry, Kapoor recently joined the league of 500+ global leaders and marked her debut on LinkedIn. Being the only content creator from India on the platform, she is surely a trailblazer in the true sense of the term. Recently, Kapoor was a part of India’s Top 10 most influential personalities in India.

Being a single mother through surrogacy, Kapoor is not just an inspiration on the work front but is a true influencer in every walk of life. She continues her unique rule over all three mediums – big-screen, television and the web. She recently completed 25 years and went down memory lane and shared a tweet saying, “25 years of #Ballajitelefilms! It started in August 1994! JAI MATA DI JAI BALAJI”

Today, Balaji is positioned as one of the most esteemed production houses and it is an entertainment powerhouse generating content for the masses.

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