TV Kaun Hai

Actors Shaleen Bhanot and Neetha Shetty on the sets of Aapka Colors' new horror series titled “Kaun Hai?” Bhanot said he had a couple of spooky experiences while shooting. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Fear has a new address as Aapka Colors added a new hue to its entertainment bouquet, a “bone-chilling” (as they called it) horror series titled “Kaun Hai?” The show brings accounts of paranormal activities, science fiction, fantasy and even some cases inspired by real-life incidents.

Each episode recounts intriguing incidences of paranormal activities and experiences that defy logic and give a peek into the realm of the unknown. Produced by Contiloe Pictures, the show premiered Jun. 29 as a weekend series from Friday to Sunday.

Keeping up with its diverse content promise, “Kaun Hai?” features popular television actors like Shaleen Bhanot, Pankhuri Awasthi and Neeta Shetty, and keeps viewers on the edge of the seat.

Manisha Sharma, programming head, said, “Horror as a category is very popular. Through “Kaun Hai?” we are going back to the basics and reviving the genre to make our entertainment catalog robust. The idea is to offer variety entertainment to our viewers.”

Arshad Syed, the writer of the show, who has penned the maximum number of horror shows in India, expressed, “Horror is a genre that needs a lot of precision in terms of screenplay synced with visuals. The entire team has worked hard to bring to life stories that are relatable and scary at the same time. Writing for television is challenging but exciting, and I’m sure that our audience will be stunned by every story.”

Abhimanyu Singh, CEO, Contiloe Pictures, said, “‘Kaun Hai?’ has been shot extensively across location in various parts of the country such as Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Calcutta and Madhya Pradesh. It has all the spine-chilling moments to keep the audiences glued and spooked. We are happy to collaborate with Aapka Colors once again after ‘Chaktavartin Ashok Samrat.’”

Shaleen Bhanot is working his way through Hollywood but will be seen here opposite Neetha Shetty. “Aapka Colors is the only channel I didn’t work with. ‘Kaun Hai?’ is the perfect show for our association. Horror is genre that I have not explored in the past. My reason to say yes to the show was one; I personally love horror as a genre and two, there is great talent associated with the show, which is very inspiring.”

He added, “I never used to believe in ghosts until ‘Kaun Hai?’ But I had a couple of spooky experiences while shooting. They were very trippy, and I completely freaked out. Yes, it could well be my mind playing tricks, but I had a strong instinctive feeling. I am not someone who believes in ghosts. But I do have my moments of superstition.”

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