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Essaying the extremely notorious and over-smart son of Daroga Happu Singh in &TV’s show “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan,” Aryan Prajapati has gained immense popularity for his work across television and films. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Audiences often do not realize the struggles child artistes go through as they balance schooling and studies with their shoot schedules. Television shoots can continue for long hours daily, which leaves little time and energy for child actors to focus on their schoolwork and other activities in which a normal child would engage their days. Here is where parents and cooperative teachers lend a helping hand to help cope up with studies that they miss.

Striking this perfect balance is the new mischievous kid on the block, Aryan Prajapati aka Hrithik Happu Singh. Currently essaying the extremely notorious and over-smart son of Daroga Happu Singh in &TV’s show “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan,” the young actor has gained immense popularity for his work across television and films. Aryan has been appreciated for his varied roles in films and will soon be seen in the Salman Khan film “Bharat.”

While he may be reaping the benefits of his success, the fifth standard kid has been shuttling between school and television or movie sets, while also using the transit time to pick up on his share of studies. About this balance, Aryan said, “I began shooting for shows and commercials at the age of six. I have always followed a strict schedule that has helped me keep up with my studies. My parents have helped me set this balance and make sure that the burdens of either my studies or shoots do not affect each other. While I am shooting and have some free time, my mother helps me study and gives me easy topics to learn so that I don’t feel overburdened and neither do I lag in my studies. It is because of my mother that I get good grades in my exams. My school has been extremely supportive, and understanding towards my passion for acting and they have given me exemption to take leaves. When I have off from the shoots, I go to school and attend regular classes.”

His mother Reeta Prajapati added, “Aryan is a bright student at school, and he is also very good at extracurricular activities. I am extremely supportive of his talent and passion, but his grades and study schedules are important to me. Even now, I make sure he carries his books and study material with him on sets so that he can study during breaks. Sometimes, when I go with him during an outdoor shoot, I teach him a topic that he has lost out on learning in school. Aryan is blessed to have teachers who keep mailing me everything that is being taught in the class.”

Amidst all the running around from set to school, the talented boy also manages to take classes in swimming and dance. The boy is extremely passionate about acting and wishes to become a good dancer as well.

And that’s how an average child actor on television manages.

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