TV Mitegi Lakshman Rekha

The cast of “Mitegi Lakshman Rekha” that will premiere on May 28 on &TV. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Starring Shivani Tomar and Rahul Sharma, the show “Mitegi Lakshman Rekha” will premiere on May 28 on &TV.

Ravan’s abduction of Sita highlighted the consequences of crossing the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ for generations. However, with gender equality, women’s liberation and financial independence being topics of global discussion, how relevant is this ‘Lakshman Rekha’ in today’s time? More so, with women being under the scanner for every action and questioned at every step, are the boundaries and societal norms imposed valid now?

Exploring this thought further through the eyes of Kanchan and Vishesh is &TV’s “Mitegi Lakshman Rekha.” Kanchan, a today girl who can never be weighed down by boundaries, is actually battling her internal dilemmas. Her life takes a rather interesting turn when she meets Vishesh, an ideal man who has a similar outlook towards life and does not give in to the patriarchal mindset of society.

Produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt. Ltd., “Mitegi Lakshman Rekha” is set against the backdrop of Mathura. The show traces the journey of Kanchan and Vishesh, who belong to two contrasting worlds but their progressive thinking and similar ideologies bring them together. While Kanchan belongs to a simple family and runs a beauty parlour, Vishesh is of royal parentage. He is righteous, progressive and a man of his words.

About playing Kanchan, Tomar said, “She is determined and believes that no event in life, however unplanned or unpleasant it may be, is big enough to alter it permanently. It is our choices that shape our life and personality.”

Sharma added, “Vishesh is a progressive character who decides what is right or wrong on the basis of his analysis of the situation and not by what the society has defined. I feel a great sense of pride in playing Vishesh, and the way hischaracter has been weaved into Kanchan’s life is beautiful. Our society needs more men like him to stand up for their women, and I hope the audience will support us in this exceptional journey.”

The ensemble cast includes Jayashree T., Vaishnavi MacDonald, Amit Thakur, Rahul Lohani and Ravi Gossain.

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