TV Super Dancer

Judges and Captain of “Superstar Singer” pose with judge Shilpa Shetty on “Super Dancer Chapter 3.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—To add music and fun to the dance-filled weekend, the judges and captains from Sony Entertainment Television’s forthcoming kid singing reality show, “Superstar Singer,” visited the sets of “Super Dancer Chapter 3” to promote their new singing show.

Judges Javed Ali and Himesh Reshammiya, along with Captain Salman Ali and Captain Sachin Valmiki, came to interact with the judges, gurus and kids of “Super Dancer.” While the environment was a beautiful blend of dance and music, the captains also got the opportunity to try and understand from the gurus on how to handle the kids.


The captains have searched for singing talent by traveling across the nation and while on the show, Captain Valmiki requested Guru Vaibhav to share ways in which they should mingle with and handle the young kids who are coming on their show. Captain Valmiki and Captain Ali heard closely all the tips guidelines shared by Guru Vaibhav. The hacks shared by the gurus were of supreme importance for the captains as “Superstar Singer” is about to begin and they need to have a strong and close bond with each kid.

Captain Valmiki said, “It was an amazing experience to be on the set of “Super Dancer Chapter 3,” and watching those kids perform was a treat to the eyes. I am an ardent follower of the show and Guru Vaibhav shared some really useful thoughts and suggested to act like a kid, with the kids, to make them feel comfortable and help them open up. I feel more confident and prepared to start now.”

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