TV Aashka Goradia

Currently essaying the nine avatars of her supernatural character Satrupa in &TV’s “Daayan,” actress Aashka Goradia is set to ‘become’ a vampire. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—From being the glamorous face behind several diverse roles to breathing a fresh life into varied supernatural characters, Aashka Goradia has managed to spark magic in every storyline. Currently essaying the nine avatars of her supernatural character Satrupa in &TV’s “Daayan,” the actress is set to ‘become’ a vampire.

With a deep love for styling the look of her characters, the actress has herself given a unique twist to the appearance of this vampire that differentiates it from the ones often seen on television. In an attempt to maintain the beauty and aura of her character, yet staying true to a vampire’s nature, the actress has donned an all-white appearance with a hint of silver, highlighted by a shade of blood- red lipstick and dry veins across her face.

Talking about this, Goradia said, “Vampires are generally beautiful creatures. The thought of playing a vampire reminded me of the sheer elegance of the characters once essayed by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas. It’s a character I seek inspiration from, and I feel if Tom Cruise can play a vampire, I shouldn’t shy away from it either. Playing the character of a vampire on screen is actually a compliment because these characters are a pure creation of our mind.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind styling such an appearance, she said, “There is a certain all-white visual imagery that people have in mind when it comes to a witch. Keeping that imagery in mind, we decided to create this look in the same manner but highlighted certain aspects that symbolize a vampire’s traits. The dark and dry veins across her face and bright red lips depict the immortality and true nature of this character. The idea was to make her look beautiful yet make the appearance chilling enough to bring out the essence of a vampire.”

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