Shehnaz Kaur Gill. (photo via IANS)

MUMBAI — After host Salman Khan taunted housemate Shehnaz Gill on the weekend ka vaar episode for her diva-like antics on "Bigg Boss 13,” the latter seems to be feeling the pinch.

To win back lost ground, she seems to be in the mood to reunite with Sidharth, who is definitely a popular contestant this season. When he tells he is deeply hurt by her daily antics, Shehnaz declares that she loves him and wants him to be with her no matter what.

Although her confession is loaded with high emotion, onlookers Paras and Shefali feel Shehnaz is once again faking it, just to win some fans.

Earlier, when Salman enters the house to interact with contestants and treat them to cake because the show has garnered top rating, he asks Sidharth to call Shehnaz. At that time, she is sitting alone in the garden area and sobbing.

However, when Salman tries to console her, Shehnaz once again resorts to high-pitched melodrama. Sidharth steps in to placate her, but to no avail. Salman then asks Sidharth to leave Shehnaz alone. Later, when she tries to chat up Salman, he coldly tells her he won't take her nonsense anymore.

Later, thanks to Aarti's intervention, Shehnaz comes over and apologizes to Salman. He tries to explain to her that her behavior on the show could have serious implications on her career and that people may not want to work with her. Shehnaz promises to pay heed to Salman's advice.

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