New Delhi — Bengali actress Ishita Ganguly has shifted her base to Mumbai to star in TV soap “Shastri Sisters” and she says she has no immediate plans to go back to Kolkata as she aspires to have a career in Bollywood.

Ganguly starred in a few Bengali serials before landing her big break on national TV with the new show about four sisters in a household without a mother, in which the actress essays the role of the second eldest daughter, Anushka.

"I am very fortunate to get a break in a Hindi TV show, so as of now I have no plans to do Bengali serials. I want to focus on this show right now. And then eventually, I want to move to films — that is the aim. However, I am open to doing good Bengali films if I am offered," Ganguly said.

The show follows the journey of four sisters as they move from Kanpur to Delhi along with their father, and Ganguly says she completely related to the character as she herself faced similar ordeals when she shifted to Mumbai from her hometown of Kolkata.

"The character is very similar to me. It is never easy to move to a new city. There are so many problems that one has to face initially. But I am settling down slowly. Just like my character, who keeps a few things from Kanpur when she comes to Delhi, I have also brought a lot of things from Kolkata as memories," she said.

Besides Ganguly, the show also stars Neha Pednekar, Sonal Vengurlekar and Pragati Chourasiya with Rajesh Jais playing their father. Ganguly says she is very happy that the show is getting a positive response from the audience.

"Fans have been giving a very positive response to all of us. All the four of us have very strong characters. I think it has been a good start and I hope that we continue to make the audience happy," she said.

The star cast was recently in the capital to tie rakhis to the Delhi police on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to iterate their trust in the force.

"We don't have any brothers, so we tied rakhis to our protectors like our father, Delhi cops and watchman," she said.

Produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms, “Shastri Sisters” airs on Colors.

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