It’s All About In-Laws & Your Bride!

Karan Johar and Pooja Pihal in “Hum Aapke Hain In-Laws.”

On Jan.7, SAB television launched two new shows, “Hum Aapke Hain In-Laws” and “Tota Weds Maina,” with a press meet at the Hotel Novotel over lunch. The shows begin Jan.14 and will air Mondays to Fridays at 2200 hours IST and 2230 hours IST respectively. The existing “FIR,” which is running at the 2230 hours time-slot, will be shifted as a weekly show on weekends – after all, it has crossed over 800 episodes over 8 years!

The huge cast and team (director, writers etc) all assembled on stage for the introduction followed by the Q & A session along with SAB’s EVP and business head Anuj Kapoor and flagship channel Sony’s head honcho N.P. Singh.

“Hum Aapke Hain In-Laws”

It’s all about loving your family – of in-laws. You cannot live with or without them, pointed out Ashwni “Son Of Sardaar” Dhir, the writer-director of “HAHIL” about the show, that he promises will radiate positivity about relationships in a family, especially with in-laws.

The show is a cheerful and light-hearted comedy on SAB TV that traces the journey of protagonists Gulshan Grover (!!!) and wife Damini along with that of their in-laws who happen to be a blessing as well as a nightmare by the sheer power of being neighbors. They are unconditionally loving but also unintentionally interfering. While the loving and doting in-laws strive to make life simple for the young couple, in the bargain they only land up complicating things.

For Karan Grover, who plays Gulshan Grover, and Pooja Pihal, who plays Damini Grover, this is their first tryst with comedy. Said Karan, “My role is of a doting husband, who goes to unreasonable lengths for his wife. My character is hilarious and extremely lovable because I am always innocently and unintentionally funny! I have never tried my hand at humor but I’ve given it my best and I hope my audiences love my new avatar.”

Kapoor of SAB TV shares, “SAB TV has always propagated that “Asli maaza SAB ke saath aata hai” and we emphasize on the importance of togetherness; our launch of the year ‘Hum Aapke Hain In Laws is the perfect reinforcement of our beliefs. This show brings back the joys of togetherness.”

Ashwni Dhir was asked how the concept came about and quipped, “The concept was there before I was born! This was something on which not much work has been done on television. My show radiates sweetness.” Dhir stressed that even the popular saas-bahu problem is more of a “sharing” problem – a woman who has done everything for her son from birth to marriage has to now share him with another woman. The art is in sharing him enjoyably!

Added Kapoor, “Our channel has featured 500 to 800 episodes of comedy shows “Lapataganj,’ “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma” and “FIR,” when popular sitcoms on general channels fold up at 70 to 80 episodes! We see no reason to lose our identity and strength and would rather focus on what we are doing well. We admit that we are impressed by the Rajshri Productions formats of families without negativity.”

“Tota Weds Maina”

Here comes the bride – the wrong one! Tota, the reluctant husband marries in a group marriage and finds himself saddled (as the saat pheras have been taken) with fireball Maina, thus forming the least likely couple to get together! This is the rom-com that begins after marriage and does not end with it!

Tota (Gaurav Gera) is a simple, honest, sincere and mild and aims to be a chartered accountant, and Maina is adventurous and bold and keeps falling in trouble because she believes that life is boring without any twists.

Added Kapoor, EVP and Business Head, SAB TV: “Every show we bring to the audience is progressive, entertaining and steeped in the values of Indian culture. We bring shows from every state of the nation and allow the audience to connect with the love and the sense of togetherness of various families from different corners. This one in particular will concentrate on the diverse cultural elements from Uttar Pradesh, just as “HAHIL” is specifically located in Dehra Dun too. ”

The show is being produced by Miloni Pictures, best known for the 2010 laugh-riot “Phas Gaya Re Obama.” Kavita Kaushik (the legendary Chandramukhi Chautala firebrand cop of “FIR”),  Gaurav Gera, Atul Srivastav, Samta Sagar, Vishwanath Chaterjee, Priyani Vani,  Sandesh Nayak, Kajal Nishad, Surbhi Tiwari, Ishtiyaq Khan, Shyamlal, Eklavya Bhetaria and Simran Nadekar are in the cast.

Said Kapoor to an India-West question about the choice of Kavita for the role, “It is natural that when ‘TWM’ was beginning and ‘FIR’ going weekly that we choose a versatile actress like her for the role of Maina. After ‘FIR’ she is a great draw as well.”

Added the actress: “SAB loves me and does not leave me free to work for other channels! But what’s wrong if they are offering such challenging roles for me? When I was Chandramukhi, I lived the character and it even leaked into my personality. I had to erase Chandramukhi to create Maina, who is more like the real me – very naughty, adventurous and fearless. Their shows are sensitive and fun for the family. Wouldn’t you rather watch them rather than family quarrels and conspiracies and reality shows?” she asked to thunderous applause. With so much talent and effort with such a great cast and team, this one’s going to rock.” Incidentally, “FIR” comedian hawaldar Gopi (Gopi Bhalla) is now doing a role in the other show, “HAHIL.”

SAB TV is a part of the Sony network, owned by Multi-Screen Media. A family comedy entertainment channel, it has an impressive lineup of programs and light-hearted content. Its programming mix includes “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah,””Chidiya Ghar,” “Jeannie Aur Juju,” “R.K. Laxman Ki Duniya,” and more with classic films over the weekends.

SAB TV has won the Brand Leadership award in Media & Entertainment space. Last week, it chalked up a viewership rating (TRPs) of 157 – its highest to date.

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