Jagannath Nivangune (Ramji Sakpal) and Aayudh Bhanushali (young Babasaheb) on the sets of “Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R Ambedkar.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — There is nothing like the bond between a father and a son, and this bond was what Dr. B.R. Ambedkar shared with his father, which is brought out strongly on-screen in “Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R Ambedkar,” &TV’s weekly soap.

Interestingly, this on-screen bond between the father-son duo, actor Jagannath Nivangune (Ramji Sakpal) and Aayudh Bhanushali (young Babasaheb) is also evident while shooting. The duo has developed a strong bond, so much so that that their off-screen chemistry brings out the best from them on screen.

While there seems to be a natural maternal connection between him and his on-screen mother, Neha Joshi, the young kid has also developed a fondness and close bond with his onscreen father. Quite often, the latter uses his spare time to bond with his young co-star by either helping him in his studies or by engaging him with a few games.  Be it playing a game of Ludo or understanding the depths of Babasaheb’s character, Nivangune has proactively supported Bhansushali on the sets.

“Being a parent myself, I often develop a fond relation with kids, and Aayudh being such an enthusiastic and chirpy kid, it’s difficult to not be friends with him,” says the older actor.

“My bond with Aayudh has in a way transcended to a natural fatherly instinct. I am extremely protective about him and always make it a point to spend considerable time teaching him a thing or two, and I also play with him during breaks,” he says.

Nivangune adds, “Babasaheb’s father, Ramji Sakpal, was a big influence in his son’s life. His support and concern for him during all his hardships was irreplaceable and he was firm and committed to the betterment of his children.”

“For Babasaheb, losing his father was quite a setback, but that did not let him deter from achieving his goals. Incidentally, Babasaheb’s father's death anniversary falls on Feb. 2 and both Aayudh and I spoke about how Ramji helped to shape his son Babasaheb’s future.”

“It is a different strength and essence that this relation brings to Ambedkar’s story and it’s been my endeavor to present that story in its true and authentic form. I do believe our bond has really helped us through in bringing alive the true essence of Babasaheb’s connection with his father on screen.”  

In the recent episode, viewers will see young Ambedkar falling into a deep pit while playing with a jeweler’s son. Incapable of walking, Ambedkar is unable to appear for his exams. Despite being asked to rest, a determined Ambedkar asks his father to treat his wound and tells everyone that he will appear for the exam. 

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