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Niti Taylor

Ever since Parth Samthaan quit “Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan,” the makers were in a fix, especially since the actor announced his decision on social media networks even before he could discuss it with the production house.

Anyway, going with the flow, the makers roped in Yuvraj Thakur to take up the mantle and play the new lead opposite Niti Taylor, aka Nandini. However, fans have been thronging social networking sites and protesting to bring back Manik on the show. They’ve even gone ahead and threatened the makers that they will boycott the show if their demands are not met. Well, looks like the makers are in a tough spot. If things don’t go back to normal and TRPs don’t pick up again, they will be forced to shut down the show.

Seeing how enraged the fans are, Taylor took to social networking sites and wrote, “Hello everyone! Guys, we are here with Season 2. At least give us a chance to prove ourselves! This time 'KY2' season 2 is about friendship (yaariyan) pyaar dostiiii hai! Chance toh do! If you all don't like it, it will get shut automatically, but, till then, enjoy the friendship, the new looks, the yaariyan, the new small baby... But just give us a chance! It's not our fault if someone left 'KY2'; we are just doing our job by entertaining you all! If you still don't want us, don't worry the show will automatically shut! Thanks.”

Well, we completely understand Taylor’s sentiment and, to a level, even agree with the actress. It’s not her fault if her co-star decided to leave the show without even thinking about the fate of it.

Guess it’s time fans moved on and gave the new season a fair chance. For all you know, it may just surprise you, right?

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