A few weeks ago, rumor mills were rife with stories that Karanvir Bohra, who plays Aahil in “Qubool Hai,” has left the show. Apparently, the actor did not like the way his character progressed in the show and hence decided to move on. When fans heard this update, they were shocked. They begged, pleaded and even threatened the actor to not leave the show. But Karanvir had made up his mind.

Four Lion Films’ producer Gul Khan and Surbhi Jyoti, who plays Sanam on the show, were upset with the actor’s decision. In fact, Surbhi requested Karanvir to not leave the show and to reconsider his decision, but he was very clear that season three of “Qubool Hai” did not agree with him.

Fans started an online petition on Change.org to stop Karanvir from leaving the show. They mailed letters and thrashed the makers for making the decision. And for the first time in history, the fans’ demands were taken into consideration.

About three days ago, when Karanvir came back from his Goa vacation, he changed his mind and decided to continue with the shoot. Sources claim that Four Lion Films had apparently approached several actors to take Karanvir’s role, but after not getting the right suitor, the makers decided to change the plot as per the actor’s request. So it was the change in the script that actually changed Karanvir’s decision to quit.

We are not yet aware as to what new deal was struck between the producer and the actor, but the result is that Karanvir, aka Aahil, is not going anywhere. Sanam and Karanvir will reunite again very soon. We already begin to see signs of this when Sanam gets flashes of her lost memory.

The question now remains — what will the makers do with Varun Toorkey’s character Shaad? Will he leave the show, or will his character turn negative?

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