Chandragupta Maurya

Actor Kartikeya Malviya in and as “Chandragupta Maurya.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—“Chandragupta Maurya,” the much- loved show on Sony Entertainment Television, is taking an interesting turn with a leap in its narrative. In the process of that leap, viewers will witness a historical moment that made Chandragupta realize his real potential, which in turn will decide the fate of “Akhand Bharat.” That moment is when Chandragupta fights a lion and rips it apart with bare hands.

Kartikeya Malviya, who plays the lead, is excited about this and wants to make it memorable for fans and for himself. To get the moves and the action right for this crucial sequence, Malviya is watching Hrithik Roshan’s fight with an elephant in the film “Mohenjo-Daro.” He has been training himself to reach perfection for this particular scene, though VFX (computer graphics) get used in such sequence, Malviya is giving his best to get real emotions.

The actor said, “ Hrithik Roshan is a legend. When it comes to physique and agility, his moves in action sequences are second to none. Though the fight shown in the film is with the elephant, his moves are like a master-class. This particular sequence is awe-inspiring in our show. I understand that this sequence is something the entire crew would be looking closely at, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone. After watching Hrithik closely, I feel quite confident to pull this off with best of my abilities.”

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