kumkum bhagya

Kunal Madhiwala and Vinod Pal join Zee TV’s “Kumkum Bhagya.” (photos provided)

MUMBAI —“Kumkum Bhagya” is Zee TV’s longest-running show and it has managed to rule the hearts of millions for over half a decade now. While the interesting storyline, with several leaps, has kept the audience hooked, Abhi - Pragya (Shabbir Ahluwalia-Sriti Jha)’s mammoth fan following has enabled the show to top the viewership charts as well. In fact, the dramatic sequences in Abhi - Pragya’s life recently have hooked viewers.

In an unforeseen twist, a robbery sequence will turn their lives upside down. The sequence also sees the entry of new actors Kunal Madhiwala and Vinod Pal. While their characters will be present for a short duration, their actions will have long-term effects. While Madhiwala will be seen essaying the role of Shera, Pal will be his gang leader Raja.

Both Madhiwala and Pal have been seen on multiple shows in the past, but they are kicked about being a part of “Kumkum Bhagya.” Talking about his role, Madhiwala revealed, “It is a grey character and I am excited about my part as it will change the course of things in “Kumkum Bhagya.” I have acted in several shows, but this, I feel, is my big break. Being a part of India’s top show and associating with Zee TV and Balaji Telefilms is a huge deal.”

Pal also added, “I am fortunate to join the likes of Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia in “Kumkum Bhagya.” The show has a huge fan following and it is one of the top shows on television right now, so I can’t wait for the viewers to see what impact my entry has on the show. It is an exciting twist and I thank Zee TV and Balaji Telefilms for this opportunity."

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