Little Things Music

The popular web series “Little Things” has a first-of-its-kind music album of its own. (photo provided) 

MUMBAI— Leading Digital Entertainment company Pocket Aces has released the original music album of the highly popular web-series “Little Things.” The entire album, for the first time, will now be available across several premium audio platforms such as Saavn, iTunes, Spotify and others.

With over 17 million views and 35 million reach, “Little Things” is one of the most popular web series of all times. It crafts a story of a young couple living in together and their daily ups and down. The series beautifully showcases that the crux of life and relationships is not made up of big events but rather of the little things. The couple, played by India’s digital stars Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar, immediately struck a chord with audiences.

“Song For Survival,” composed by Neel Adhikari, was as loved as the series. Sharing his experience in creating the music, Adhikari said, “It’s the little things that make the big differences. This show really lived up to its name, not only in front but also behind the camera. It was more than just fun working on the soundtrack because this kind of narrative is unique where subtleties rule and sweeping dramatic curves don’t exist. As a result, we have a fresh, organic score filled with many acoustic instruments. It’s real and does not have an artificial feel.”

“We’re excited to launch the music album and make it available on over 800 platforms globally. In fact, we weren’t initially planning to create a music video for the series, but we created one for the title track ‘Song for Survival’ since the audience loved it so much! We are also working on the Season 2 – the audience can’t wait, and neither can we. It’s going to be even bigger, while still retaining its freshness and relatable quotient,” said Aditi Shrivastava, co-founder, Pocket Aces.

Pocket Aces is the creator of some of the most popular content for Indian audiences on the internet today. The company reaches 25 million people on a weekly basis across its social properties, and the most recent report by video analytics firm Vidooly put FilterCopy as the 3rd largest video creator on Facebook.

Watch the video here.

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