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In the weekend episode of &TV’s new show “Shaadi Ke Siyape,” viewers will observe a lavish Marwadi wedding. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—&TV’s new show “Shaadi Ke Siyape” has been gaining audiences’ love with its fun concept that revolves around Indian weddings in the presence of aliens, followed by the ‘siyapas’ that take place. The weekend dramedy that stars Alka Badola Kaushal, Bhavya Gandhi, Sheen Dass, Mishkat Varma and Rahul Singh has caught audience attention by showcasing weddings from all over India.

In the episode that is set to air this weekend, viewers will observe a lavish Marwadi wedding that goes topsy-turvy midway, putting college sweethearts Shaurya and Trupti (Gaurav Sharma and Kshitj Soni) in a spot. Talking about the episode, Dass said, “It is a very interesting episode, and love plays an important role. The way both the love interests enter a sword-fighting competition to win over Trupti was amazing, because Shaurya is extremely naïve and timid and to see him fight for the love of his life gives jitters. But at the same time, it was hilarious.”

The upcoming episode will see the Shubh Mangal Savdhaan hall witness a different kind of Marwaadi wedding. With the entry of Shamser in Shaurya and Trupti’s life, the wedding hits a roadblock. Shamsher, who is Shaurya and Trupti’s college friend has over the years troubled Trupti in college, and when he learned about her marriage to her college sweetheart Shamsher, he wants to win her back. Adamant on his decision to get married to his sweetheart, he leaves no stone unturned to save his wedding. Looking at the entire situation, Viraat (Mishkat Varma) suggests having a talwarbaazi competition according to the Kshatriya tradition post which the declared winner gets to marry Trupti.

While Trupti is flabbergasted and doesn’t want anything to do with Shamsher, will Shaurya manage to fight for the love of his life??

Who will Trupti marry, Shaurya or Shamsher?

Will good win over evil?

Tune in to watch Shaadi Ke Siyape on &TV from Saturday – Sunday at 8 pm.

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