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Nilambari (Deepshikha Nagpal) as an evil sorceress, Mahamaya, who is metamorphosed into a spider, in &TV’s “Main Bhi Ardhangini.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—After the leap, &TV’s “Main Bhi Ardhangini” brought alive a completely new change in the storyline with supernatural forces taking over the story. Leaving her royal avatar behind, Nilambari (Deepshikha Nagpal) has now emerged as an evil sorceress, Mahamaya, who possesses exceptional power and strength.

Adding to her supernatural strength is her pawn Adhiraj (Ankit Raaj), who, as per her wishes, aims to seek revenge on Naagraj Bhujang (Meer Ali) and Mohini (Heena Parmar ), who is introduced as the only ‘naagin’ who can destroy all the evil ploys of Mahamaya.

With the Nag Panchami track quickly gaining pace, Mahamaya and Adhiraj discover that Mohini is an “icchadhaari naagin.” The coming episodes will reveal the true motives of all these characters, and the viewers will now find out the back-story between the warring Mahamaya and Naagraj Bhujang. The forgotten history of Mahamaya is about to unravel, and this exposé will shock viewers. The track will witness that when Mohini leaves for her Nag Panchami Puja, Mahamaya, followed by Adhiraj, starts chasing her. She injures Mohini, and the plot intensifies when the 500-year-old curse metamorphoses Mahamaya into a spider to Adhiraj’s utter shock. It is then that Mahamaya comes out clean to Adhiraj and apprises him about the curse bestowed on her, for which Bhujang is responsible.

Talking about bringing alive yet another layer to her character, Nagpal said, “Playing the villain in a supernatural show isn’t easy. Nilambari’s character has many layers that have been slowly and gradually surfacing throughout the story. But now, everything goes back to the start wherein she will reveal her true self and establish the curse bestowed on her that changed her life 500 years ago. All the missing pieces of her enmity with Bhujang will now be explained when she turns into a spider. The upcoming episodes are filled with mystery and loads of drama, which the viewers are going to love.”

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