The youngest TV show hostess, three-year-old Daria Bedi will be doing a tea-time snack show with her mother, Tina Bedi. The show will premiere on YouTube July 20.  

When it comes to entertainment, we feel that we have seen it all. Then out of the blue, comes a surprise. In this case, the little surprise is Daria Bedi, a three-year-old chef-in-the-making. Perhaps the youngest cookery show co-host ever. Little Daria Bedi is related to the famous Bedi family of Kabir, Pooja and Adam Bedi.

Doting aunt Pooja Bedi (former Bollywood actor and TV celebrity) shared this cute video on her social media accounts of her niece announcing the show "Time Out Daria": 

The show, produced by Qyuki, a multi-platform media company, and Seher Bedi, actor Kabir Bedi's niece and former head of creative and Content, MTV India, is considered one of the pioneers of millennial entertainment in India. 

The show is being launched under the Starrin' banner, a new digital video network catering to a target audience of six- to 18-year-old audiences across the world, read a statement.

In "Time Out Daria," the little co-hostess Daria along with her mother Tina will take viewers on a culinary journey that will not only be a treat to all foodies but also to parents who want to expose their children to wholesome entertainment online. In the promo, she is seen appreciating and enjoying all her favorite tea-time treats mum Tina prepares for her. The mother-daughter duo will provide a refreshing twist to the series with their quirky and fun banter while they cook up and share scrumptious recipes for their viewers.

Talking about the idea behind the show, Seher Bedi said: "The show is a celebration of a mother-daughter's bond, sprinkled with chocolate mousse and mango smoothies and everything else in between the yummy spectrum."

Sagar Gokhale, Network Head of Qyuki, hopes "Time Out Daria" provides a "great bonding source for parents and children the world over."

With a total of 24 episodes already shot and ready, the first promos of the series were launched July 12, which coincided with Daria Bedi’s third birthday.

The first episode will be launched July 20 and will run as a weekly format thereafter on the YouTube channel Starrin'.

Watch the promo of "Time Out Daria":

(With inputs from IANS)

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