Mithun Chakraborty

On television So far, veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty has been a judge on talent shows or a guest. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—“The Drama Company” is making a lot of noise for its ensemble cast. To be aired soon on Sony Entertainment Television, the comedy show (the buzz was it was to be named “Comedy Company”) will star Krushna Abhishek, Sudesh Lahiri, Ali Asgar, Dr. Sanket Bhosale, Sugandha Mishra and more renowned faces.

The crowning glory now will be Mithun Chakraborty, who makes his acting debut on television. He will play a pivotal character. The laugh-riot about a family that aspires to join theater by forming a drama company is rumored to be replacing “The Kapil Sharma Show,” though that is not yet confirmed.

Considering it a challenge to be a part of the show, Chakraborty said, “For the first time, I will not be playing myself on television, but a very interesting character with a lot of quirks. While it is challenging after hearing the creative details from the makers, it is going to be a challenge worth taken.”

For the veteran actor, this is indeed a wonderful change. After all, he will not have to exert himself – the last three months have seen him suffer from a severe back problem. On TV so far, the actor has been a judge on talent shows or a guest. This time, he will toy with comedy as in so many of his recent films.

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