TV Nalini Negi

Television actress Nalini Negi will be seen portraying the character of Vishkanya named Vishuddhi in "Porus." (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Sony Entertainment Television’s magnum opus “Porus” has a new twist. The beautiful Nalini Negi is all set to make an entry in the show, seen portraying the character of Vishkanya named Vishuddhi. As the name suggests, Negi’s character will have a dual shade – she will have the power to kill her enemy in one moment, and at the very next moment, she can look like a damsel in distress.

Said Negi, “This is going to be my debut in the history genre. Initially, I will be projected as an innocent girl, and later it will be revealed that my character’s ultimate motive is to kill Porus. Vishuddhi’s track is going to be very interesting in the show, and it will definitely affect Porus’ life on his journey to find out more about Alexander. When I heard about the character, I simply agreed, since the elaborate costume drama and history fascinated me, and I always wanted to give it a try. I was very keen to experiment with my acting skills, and I hope this show will help me extend my knowledge for the same.”

In a forthcoming episode when Porus is saving a village on fire, he meets Vishuddhi and her 5-year-old brother and takes them aboard his ship. He senses something amiss about her, but on seeing the small child with her, he decides to take them on the ship and drop them off at their village. But Vishuddhi has been hired to kill Puru.

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