Mumbai — Serbian model-actress Natasa Stankovic, who has been evicted from “Big Boss 8,” says she was very active on the show but was not shown much in the episodes.

Stankovic is the third contestant to have been eliminated from the controversial reality show after Sukirti Kandpal and Deepshikha Nagpal.

The 37-year-old beauty said people perceived her as passive and boring, but she did a lot of fun things on the show.

"I am actually shocked when I got to know that my friends did not see me much on the show because I was always dancing, singing and having fun. In fact, my energy was such that inmates had to tell me to pause.

"I don’t know why I was shown less in the episodes. People outside thought I was a quiet person, but that is not true. Less visibility is most probably the reason why I got evicted," said Stankovic.

Even though Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, the host of the Colors host, was seen prompting Stankovic to be more interactive, she feels she was doing her best, but language was a barrier as she could not speak Hindi properly.

"He told me a couple of times, and I did follow his advice. I made efforts, but somehow the language was an obstacle between me and other housemates. When I wanted to give my opinion on something, I struggled with the language and people said, ‘you need time,’ so it went unheard," she said.

Stankovic adds she is happy that she stayed away from fights and controversies in the house.

"I could never relate to the fights happening in the house. I like to stay away from the negative energy, hence I did not come into the limelight when any fight happened, except during the first task where Karishma (Tanna) put mirchi (red chili powder) on my face. After she apologized to me, I was fine because I don’t hold grudges," she said.

Stankovic says among all the contestants, she was the closest to Sushant Divgikar in the house and feels he was one of the most positive people on the show.

"Sushant and I share many things — our love for dancing and singing, and we both love positivity. I got along with him. We are similar people," she said.

Asked who has the maximum chances of winning the show, Stankovic said, "Praneet (Bhat) deserves to win the game. He has a nice personality. He is not faking and at the same time he is playing the game, so I feel he is doing good.”

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