Chapekar bros.:

A new Web series, “Gondya Ala Re,” which explores the lives of freedom fighters Damodar Hari Chapekar and Balkrishna Hari Chapekar, will premiere on ZEE5 Aug. 15. (ZEE5 Premium/Twitter photo)

MUMBAI – A 10-episode Marathi Web series which is titled, “Gondya Ala Re,” and explores the lives of freedom fighters Damodar Hari Chapekar and Balkrishna Hari Chapekar, aka Chapekar brothers, is all set to be launched on this Independence Day.

The show features popular Marathi actors such as Sunil Barve, Bhushan Pradhan, Kshitish Date, Shivraj Waichal, Anand Ingale, Pallavi Patil, Bharat Dabholkar, Angad Mhaskar and Shalva Kinjawadekar. The show premieres on ZEE5 Aug. 15.

“I learnt a great deal while shooting for ‘Gondya Ala Re.’ I essay the role of Lokmanya Tilak, who was a pillar and the brain behind many underground revolutionary activities during the British era,” said Barve, adding: “Our history is dense, and I am happy that platforms like ZEE5 are backing stories that are buried in history.”

The Chapekar brothers, Damodar Hari and Balkrishna Hari, were involved in the assassination of WC Rand, British Commissioner of Pune in 1897.

The show, directed by Ankur Kakatkar, also highlights the controversial debate over the involvement of Tilak in the assassination.

“The Indian freedom movement has many heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country. However, while growing up, we only hear the stories of freedom fighters who were prominent around the time of Independence” said Kakatkar.

“The Chapekar Brothers of Pune, locally known as Chapekar Bandhu, led by example, and led the first armed youth revolution against the British,” he added.

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