Sony Entertainment Television’s “Vighnaharta Ganesh” features Kartikey played by Pratham who overcame even real-life obstacles. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Sony Entertainment Television’s “Vighnaharta Ganesh” features Kartikey played by Pratham who overcame even real-life obstacles.

Pratham had to shoot for an action sequence, where Ganesh and he were seen fighting the demon Bhandasur. Heavy weapons were used and Pratham injured himself while using them. The injury did not seem much serious at first, but when they were rehearsing for a new fight sequence, the pain increased to an extent that he had to be rushed to a doctor.

On knowing about the severity of his sprain, the production house decided to postpone his shoot. But Pratham disagreed and decided to continue with his bandaged shoulder.

The sequence being shot was scheduled for a recent on-air date and Pratham, understanding its urgency, convinced the production to shoot it on the scheduled date. The actor did not want to hamper the schedule and after his extreme insistence, the team agreed and allowed him to shoot with the injury. But ample care was taken while shooting the sequence and doctor was present on the set all the time.

Said Pratham, “Injuries are bound to happen when one is shooting action sequences involving heavy metal weapons. This shouldn’t stop us from working to achieve the bigger goal. According to me, time is precious, and one can’t lose to these small obstacles. My work is my passion and no injury can break me away from it.”

The current track revolves Bhandasur’s fight with goddess Parvati, Ganesh’s mother, and how she takes up different avatars to defeat the biggest enemy of the devtas (Gods). In the upcoming sequence, Bhandasur will steal the Vedas, thus causing Parvati’s two sons Kartikey and Ganesha to fight with him. 

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