TV Rakshabandhan

Television actor and a host of “India’s Best Judwaah” Karanvir Bohra says he shares a very special bond with his sister Meenakshi. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated on Aug. 7 this year, and the Zee TV actors have chosen to voice their feelings on the occasion.

Manit Joura (Rishabh Luthra in “Kundali Bhagya”):

“It is very important for a person to have someone in their life who they are open with and with whom they can share everything under the sun. That is the kind of bond I share with my siblings. We all share a passion for traveling, and I was fortunate to be a part of a joint family wherein I was surrounded by five siblings. We have had the best times together, the worst of fights, but have hugged it out because we cannot live without each other.

We are a typical Punjabi family that loves food, so I still remember sitting on the terrace with the entire family while the ladies of the house would make some delicious makke di roti to eat with sarson da saag. Even though they all are married and live in different countries now, our bond is stronger than ever. This year, just like in the last two years, my sister will end up couriering her rakhis to my younger brother and me, and we’ll end up tying the rakhi over a video call.

Sheen Dass (Pooja in “Piyaa Albela”):

“Raksha Bandhan is very special for me since my best friend is my sister only and I am glad that she has always been there for me. We are very, very close and we understand each other completely. My cousin brother and sister would always surprise us on Raksha Bandhan. Initially, they would call me saying that we can’t come this year, but later they would ring the doorbell and surprise me with gifts and chocolates. ‘Main Teri Raksha Karunga’ was the promise always made by my brother to me, and in return, I promise him the same.”

Disha Parmar (Jhanvi in “Woh Apna Sa”):

“I have some great memories of Raksha Bandhan because I make it a point to celebrate it every year with my brother. As a kid, I used to eagerly wait for Rakhi because you know you will get tons of gifts and whatever you demand is granted. Earlier, we would get chocolates as gifts, but as I grew up, my brother would give me money so that I could spend it however I liked. It’s a beautiful festival that is captured well by most TV shows as well. Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to do a rakhi scene on TV as I do not have a brother on any show yet!”

Gurdeep Kohli (title role of “Sethji”):

“Yes, I do celebrate Raksha Bandhan. I do not have a real brother and would celebrate the occasion by tying a rakhi to my cousin brothers. Now I have been blessed with two children, a girl, and a boy, so for the past two years, Rakhi has been celebrated in a huge way at home. We try to make it special for our children by explaining the importance of Raksha Bandhan and instilling in them the thought that it’s not just tying a rakhi but a promise that the brother will always look after his sister and vice-versa.”

Rumman Ahmed (Pragati in “Sethji”):

“I am the only child, but I have two younger cousin brothers who are very close to me. They might be younger to me, but they are very protective and possessive. If a guy approaches me, they stand like a wall and pretend to be older brothers. This year will be the first time that I won’t be celebrating Rakhi with them because they have moved abroad and I have a very hectic shooting schedule so that I will miss them. My favorite memory of them was going on bike rides and basking in the sun. Every time I got into trouble or got scolded, they would always come to my rescue. This year, I would like to send them all my love.”

Jyoti Sharma (Tejaswini in “Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi”):

“I have an elder sister who is also a godmother to me. She is my guardian, my biggest confidant, the person I fight the most with and the one I love deeply. She is always there, no matter what. I remember during my holidays I would go to visit her while she was studying in Chandigarh and she would take care of me like a mother. After my mother had passed away, she has actually stepped in and looked after the entire family. So Raksha Bandhan is very special to me, because though I am a girl myself, I am more like a brother to my elder sister, and I am very protective of her. I usually send her a lot of gifts on Raksha Bandhan.”

Karanvir Bohra (Host of “India’s Best Judwaah”):

“Rakhi is very special for me. My fondest memory of Rakhi is my wrist being full of rakhis during Raksha Bandhan as we stayed in a joint family. I have very fond memories of Raksha Bandhan. Be it waking up early and getting ready, hiding the gifts before the pooja from my sisters and then the Rakhi ceremony; the day has always been wonderful. I share a very special bond with my sister Meenakshi. She has been very protective and loving and was always stronger and more aggressive than me. She would protect me instead of me protecting her. This year also, I am planning to do something special for her.”

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