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Randeep Rai has started getting marriage proposals in real-life ahead of his reel-life wedding in “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Randeep Rai, who plays the role of Sameer Maheshwari in Sony Entertainment Television’s “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai,” is one of the youngest successful actors in the industry. He is playing the lead role in the show opposite Ashi Singh.

In a short span of time, Rai has become one of the most favorite male actors in the industry, thanks to his chocolate-boy looks and soft demeanor. He has a huge fan following, the majority of them being females on social media, and most often his female fans are seen proposing to him.

Recently, Rai revealed that most of the emails that he receives are all marriage proposals. Talking about it, he said, “Ever since Naina and Sameer (my character in the serial) got engaged, my inbox has been overflowing with emails that I tend to overlook. But soon enough, I realized that those emails are nothing but marriage proposals from my fans. I was shocked to see that the numbers were in hundreds. I was used to getting proposed on my Instagram page, but receiving such formal proposals took me by surprise. I know that every family would want a boy like Sameer for their families, but I had never imagined something like this happening to me in real life. I’m thankful to my fans for all the love they keep showering on me. It is because of them that I have reached where I have.”

Meanwhile, Naina (Ashi) and Sameer have become the most adorable couple on TV and viewers are eagerly waiting to see them get married.

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