TV Rohit-Aishwarya

Television actress Aishwarya Sakhuja tied the knot with casting director Rohit Nag three years ago, but the couple have been in a committed relationship for nine years. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Last seen together on television in the dance reality show “Nach Baliye,” Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja demonstrated an adorable chemistry there as well as when the unconventional television couple brought in their third wedding anniversary in New York last December.

Sakhuja, who has been in the industry for quite some time now tied the knot three years ago, but not many knew of the “Saas Bina Sasural” actress being in a committed relationship for nine long years.

Nag posted a very sweet picture with a message that read, “9 years of togetherness...Woah... For all the ups & downs... picking each other from the downs & making sure we reach the UPs #9yearsoftrust #9yearsoflove #9yearsofawesomeness.” Sakhuja gave the sweetest reply, as she wrote a very emotional note describing her love.

“Kya boloon...kaise rahe yeh nau saal tumhare saath... how much i have learnt from these nine years @rohitnag9 ... tumhare saath ne mujhe zindagi se kai falsafe miley.

“When you are all of 13 and your hormones are giving you a completely wrong picture of what love is one starts to hope that your life will turn out to be exactly that... i did too...I then met some people in my life who came close to tat 13 year old's vision of life and i was elated, but something was not right.

“And then a few years later i met you and with you everything was NOT right.. you and me were poles apart, soooooo different but something inside me kept on telling me that, that sense of belonging that you could never find until now is here, its finally here. Grab on to it. Dont let it go. And i did exactly that.

“I listened to my heart 9 years back and boy im glad.. @rohitnag9 you and me are not perfect but i celebrate our imperfection cuz thats what makes us US... 9 years and counting my love....”.

How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!

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