SAB TV New Shows

Starting Jan. 26, SAB TV will show two new comedy series – “My Name Ijj Lakhan” (right) and “Band Baja Bandh Darwaza.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Sony SAB kickstarts 2019 on a happy note. The channel has two new limited format series that are starting Jan. 26 – “My Name Ijj Lakhan” and “Band Baja Bandh Darwaza.”

Exploring unconventional storylines and newer genres, both shows are limited format series that will add dollops of light-hearted entertainment to your weekend plans. In India, they will air successively on weekends at prime-time.

Highlighting the concept that everyone has a bit of black and white to their personality, “My Name Ijj Lakhan” traces the journey of the central character Lakhan, a rogue. Shreyas Talpade debuts on Hindi television with his portrayal of Lakhan, who, shaken by an unexpected jolt, vows to become the man his father always hoped he would be.

Motivated by his newfound mission to mend his ways, he tries to commit good deeds in his own peculiar ‘andaaz’ often resulting in comical outcomes. Real-life couple Parmeet Sethi (Dashrath) and Archana Puran Singh (Pammi) play the roles of Lakhan’s parents. This action-packed show also stars Sanjay Narvekar and Esha Kansara in pivotal roles.

“Band Baja Bandh Darwaza” is a horror comedy show about ghostly twists that take place in the Khurana house whenever they get close to getting their son married. Mukesh Tiwari dons the avatar of a ghost named Sanjeev Sharma. After living a life of solitude, Sanjeev returns as a ghost to haunt the lives of Sarita, played by Neelu Kohli, and Chandan, played by Rajendra Sharma, who are looking for a match for their young son Rocky, played by Amitosh Nagpal. What made Sanjeev return as a ghost and why is he adamant on Rocky living a life by himself is something that will be unfolded in the series.

Paritosh Painter and Ideas Entertainment produce “My Name Ijj Lakhan” and Amitosh Nagpal, producer and writer, Tuk Tuk Pictures, is the brain behind the second show, besides playing its young lead.

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