MUMBAI — When signing off from “Bigg Boss Nau,” host Salman Khan had said, “We will have the aam aadmi joining us next time.” It has been learnt now that the superstar-filmmaker has not only allotted dates for the next (10th) season but has also approved a new format in which one commoner will be pitted against one celebrity.

Salman Khan, whose films are always targeted at the common man, will now design the next season of the show “Bigg Boss” for him too. On April 4, Salman Khan tweeted, “Are you ready for Bigg Boss 10?” along with a video showing a group of boys playing cricket, with the bowler abusing the umpire when he “no-balls” him. The Bigg Boss’ voice booms out a prophecy that the bowler will be a perfect candidate in the new “Bigg Boss” season.

Potential contestants could be doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, preachers, bankers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, taxi-drivers or coolies, Aap Ka Colors’ big boss Raj Nayak, informed a Mumbai tabloid.

Entries are being registered through three-minute auditions on a new Web site, Each video should showcase at least one trait of the participant that makes him or her eligible. Entries close on May 31, after which a detailed process of handpicking will begin, with Salman Khan making the final call.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan’s nephew, sister Arpita Khan’s newborn Ahil, went home in a sleek BMW that was said to be his gift to the baby, who now seems to have become Salman Khan’s “Bigg Boss!”

Click here to watch the "Bigg Boss 10" promo. 

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