"Satrangi Sasural," the show that started off with an interesting concept, has somewhere along the way lost its plot and is going through the same run of the mill story line. Mugdha Chapekar, who played the lead actress opposite Ravish Desai, had earlier left the show due to the meaningless story line.

Rumor has it that Desai is also on his way out. A source informed us that the actor has put down his papers and is serving his notice period on the show. His last day on the show is sometime in January. According to the plot, Desai, who plays the character of Vihaan, is doing a double role on the show. The makers will introduce a dramatic ending to Vihaan’s character by killing him off in a freak accident.

The makers, Bhairavi Raichura’s production house 24 Frames, will then introduce a character who will be linked to Vihaan’s family. He will play the new lead actor on the show. The makers are still casting for this role.

Sources claim that lead actress Vrushika Mehta is also not keen on playing the role of Kyra. A source overheard the actress saying that she is no longer interested in the show. The makers promised her something and are showcasing something very different. The actress is looking to do more youth-oriented shows, and her fans completely agree.

With Desai gone, the show will anyway lose its charm. Add to that if Mehta also leaves the show, then it’s left with nothing. We think the production house should simply call it quits and try going back to their experimental phase in which they made bold and interesting shows.

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