Sony Ladies Special

Left to right: Girija Oak as Meghna Nikade, Chhavvi Pandey as Prarthna Kashyap and Bijal Joshi as Bindu Desai in Sony Entertainment Television's “Ladies Special.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Sony Entertainment Television’s latest primetime offering “Ladies Special” brings forth the journey of three starkly different personalities, belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds, who happen to meet each other on a Ladies Special local train.

With an engaging narrative that weaves three stories of hope, friendship, aspiration, and womanhood, the show claims that it will redefine audience’s outlook towards life. The stories and characters are rooted in the reality of middle-class life in urban India and so are their aspirations and anxieties. Produced by Vipul D. Shah’s Optimystix Entertainment, “Ladies Special” premiered Nov. 27 as weekday soap.

Meghna Nikade represents the everyday struggles of a working woman, a hardworking wife, and a mother. While she was raised in a lower-middle-class setup where dreams and aspirations were always measured and limited, she is determined to provide the best for her children. Is it wrong for her to expect more for her children, considering her family’s income is limited?

Bindu Desai, who hails from a small town in Gujarat, was ecstatic when she married a doctor from the city of dreams – Mumbai. But her happiness was shattered on the first night of her wedding when her husband confessed that he was in love with someone else.

Yet, the optimistic Bindu builds a relationship based on friendship and trust with her husband with a promise to reunite him with his love. She approaches every hurdle in her life with so much optimism that it makes the problem at hand look trivial. But how long will this optimism be able to hide her pain?

Prarthna Kashyap has gracefully stepped out of the shadows and taken charge to provide for her family. Without her, the family will wither. While she had the opportunity to settle down and leave her family behind, she did not. Being a woman, why does putting family at the forefront come at a cost?

These stories are not only relatable but a strong representation of women at large. Like they say, a strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, let’s go, tries again, and perseveres but doesn’t let go of her hopes and aspirations, no matter what life throws at her.

Starring popular television and theater personalities like Girija Oak (Meghna Nikade), Bijal Joshi (Bindu Desai) and Chhavvi Pandey (Prarthna Kashyap), this show will get you a ticket of hope for this beautiful journey called life, claims the channel.

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