Prithvi Vallabh

Television actor Ashish Sharma plays the title role in Sony Entertainment Television’s “Prithvi Vallabh.” The show is the first production to premiere under Sony’s sub-brand, SET Originals. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Aimed at bringing compelling Indian tales with universal relevance to an increasingly interested global audience, Sony Entertainment Television (SET) launches its sub-brand ‘SET Originals’ with “Prithvi Vallabh” being the first production to premiere under this brand. With SET Originals, the channel will collaborate with new creative storytellers to offer premium, fresh and finite content with superior production values and narratives that have a global appeal.

The show will mark the debut of Anirudh Pathak of Writers’ Galaxy as a producer and will hook viewers by its breathtaking visuals, canvas, and scale of production. A finite series, it narrates a tale of two archival warriors Prithvi and Mrinal. Prithvi, the heir of the Malwa dynasty, is an advocator of the “philosophy of humanism,” while Mrinal, the princess warrior of Manyakhet, is “born out of pure vengeance.”

The unique story starts with hatred on a battlefield and ends up becoming a grand love saga, taking us into an era when various Indian states were at constant war for territorial expansion. In this era of continual struggle, Prithvi Vallabh’s philosophy of “live and let live” forms the crux of the show, which is relevant even today.

The show’s stellar star cast includes Ashish Sharma as Prithvi, Sonarika Bhadoria as Mrinal, Pawan Chopra as Singhdant, Shalini Kapoor as Rajmata, Alefia Kapadia as Savita, Jitin Gulati as Tailap, Piyali Munshi as Jakkala and Surendra Pal as Vinayaditya.

Danish Khan, executive vice-president, and business head, Sony Entertainment Television, said, “It’s time for Indian stories to reach out to global audiences. India has a rich legacy of civilization, culture, literature and history. Indian stories have a universal appeal and are extremely relevant to the world if told well. SET Originals is a step in that direction. ‘Prithvi Vallabh’ is our first production under the brand. We are delighted to collaborate with Anirudh Pathak, the writer and the creator of the show. With SET originals, we take a brave and visionary leap to define the content for the ever-evolving global audience.”

Anirudh Pathak, producer and creator, added, “This is my first show as a producer. I am grateful to Sony Entertainment Television for putting their faith in me and offering us all the backing in creating this world-class series.”

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