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Exploring a mother-daughter relationship, Sony Entertainment Television has launched a slice-of-life dramedy, “Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo.” (Sony TV/Twitter photo)

MUMBAI— With the evolution of time and sensibilities, in today’s culture, the relationship between the parents and their daughters does not change after marriage, especially when it comes to being involved in each other’s lives. However, in a few cases, parental involvement can also turn into obsessive interference, and this creates a new challenge for the married couple.

Exploring one such mother-daughter relationship, Sony Entertainment Television launched a slice-of-life dramedy, “Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo.” This mother strongly believes in ‘Beti ko bas vida kiya hai, alvida nahin (We have just married her off, not bid farewell),’ therefore maintaining a strong presence in her daughter’s life post-marriage, much to the dismay of her son-in-law.

With a relatable plot, the campaign highlighting the launch of the show was also distinct and striking. Taking cues from the refreshing concept of the show, the channel creatively used its show logo – a bedecked suitcase as a metaphor – to highlight the thought of the show. This was used across mediums innovatively to engage with the consumers.

Aman Srivastava, marketing head, Sony Entertainment Television, stated, “With a show like this, we wanted our communication to highlight the uniqueness of our product. The show breaks the clutter as a dramedy in the 8.30 pm weekday timeslot and pushed us to explore the mediums differently. The title of the show is the statement that any husband dreads listening to, whether jokingly or in seriousness. The entire campaign was built around this insight, and we deployed the right mediums at high-reach touch-points. The idea was not just to drive tune-ins but attract newer audience to our fold.”

Produced by Dheeraj Sarna’s Kagaz Kalam Films, “Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo” follows the antics of the sweet and gullible Jaya, a wedding planner by profession, who keeps threatening her husband about going back to her ‘maayka,’ under the influence of her overprotective mother, Satya Devi. One phone-call by her mother leads her to believe that her independence is under threat at her ‘sasural. But is her life really that miserable?

How will Samar, the loving husband, bridge the gap? Set in Bhopal, the show aims to capture the essence of how over interference of parents can become a nuisance for their children’s marital independence. Namish Taneja as male lead, Srishti Jain as female lead, Neelu Vaghela, Aditi Deshpande, Dolly Chawla, Sulbha Arya, and Divya Sehgal are in the cast.

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