MUMBAI—Celebrating “Beshumaar Pyaar” (unlimited love) as the romance that lies at the heart of all the fiction soaps on STAR Plus, The Star Parivaar Awards 2017 was an evening where the hot quotient within the cool auditorium and the heat of competition complemented the hot climate on May 13. High on entertainment, the show could not be reported upon till its telecast on May 28, and so the anticipation for the event built up among channel buffs who knew of the live show.

For this writer, it was akin to his tenure twice as the jury at the National Film Awards, where I could neither reveal the winners nor the fact that I was on the jury until the official announcement over two months later!

The STAR Parivaar Anthem this year, “Khoobsurat Star Parivaar” is also new and has been recorded by Jubin Nautiyal and Neeti Mohan. The song sees popular couples from famous shows dancing and serenading each other.

The live event, as with all awards events, started more than 90 minutes after the intended (?!) time but made up for it with the riveting content and brisk pace unlike shows by some rival channels. However, a perennial grouse against all such shows is that there is excessive (even if excusable) attention on the characters (however famous), so those not too familiar with some or most shows do not know the actors who scored in their roles to win awards!

Having said that, the PARIVAAR debutants Anika, Nandni, Naira, Karthik and Omkara, made their presence felt with their style, swag, and energy.

Hosts Raghav (Arjun Bijlani) and Raman (Karan Patel) mercifully (again vis-à-vis the ‘repartee’ on other similar shows) maintained a funny and engaging level of humor and wit. Each performance depicted a different mood of love from passionate to dreamy to young and energetic. The channel’s brand message “Nayi Soch” was represented by theatrics, aerial acrobatics, and propping.

The opening act showcased “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”’s Karthik and Naira who performed on a heliosphere, with acrobat dancers. “Yeh Rishta…” is the highest rated show on Star and the lead pair is known as “KaiRa.” Their chemistry was palpable in songs like “Ik Vaari Aa” and “Ude Dil Befikre.”

Jubin Nautiyal sang a medley of some of his best songs accompanied by a performance of Shivaay and Anika, who performed a dream sequence with chandeliers.

Gauri and Omkara did an incredible underwater act, while a duet performance between actors from “Chandra Nandni” and “Aarambh” saw chariots flying in mid-air. Shagun, Bharti, Gopi, and Sita performed a musical drama, showcasing the meaning of true beauty.

An energetic dance marathon was pulled off by Terence, Sanjeeda, Sanaya and Deepika and was among the best offerings that night. The highlight of the evening was Naina and Ishita coming together to portray two opposite elements – Fire & Ice – in a hi-octane number at the finale.

Dr. Sanket Bhosale was hilarious as Sanjay Dutt, and Bharti Singh cracked some nice one-liners. However, Bhosale was not up to the mark when he chose to mimic other stars, though he was good as Farhan Akhtar. His exit scene as Dutt was truly hilarious, with him asking for patience and help while getting down from the stage as he was 60-plus!

This year, a uniquely global approach was undertaken in the voting process: apart from audience participation, over 300 jury members from the cast and crew of various shows of STAR Plus formed the Star Parivaar Academy, and also voted for their picks in the respective categories.

Star Plus has had a good year, noted Gaurav Banerjee of Star Plus in his brief speech. He said that “Ishqbaaz” now had a sequel in “Ishqbaaz 2” and that “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” had seen a total reinvention. Banerjee added that in the coming months, Star Plus would take more risks with programming initiatives, keeping in mind the evolving audience.

The Award Winners:

Favorite Maa - Ishita

Favorite Pita - Raman

Favorite Beta - Shivaay

Favorite Beti - Durga and Avni

Favorite Pati - Chandra and Kartik

Favorite Patni - Nandini and Naira

Favorite Bahu - Gopi

Favorite Saas - Ammaji

Favorite Sasur - Naitik

Favorite Mazedaar Sadasya - Bharti and Jaggi

Nayi Soch - Amla

Most Stylish Sadasya - Sonakshi Sinha and Swetlana

Favorite Naya Sadasya - Male - Omkara

Favorite Naya Sadasya - Female - Anika

Favorite Digital Sadasya - Male - Shivaay

Favorite Digital Sadasya - Female - Anika

Favorite Jodi - Kartik and Naira

Favorite Jodi - International- Shivaay and Anika

Favorite Judge - Karan Johar and Remo

Dabur Fresh Award - Kanak and Aastha

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