Satyajeet Dubey

Satyajeet Dubey is all set to star in a sci-fi show backed by Star TV, titled “Maharaj Ki Jai Ho.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—With a rare genre in India, Satyajeet Dubey is all set to star in a sci-fi show backed by Star TV, titled “Maharaj Ki Jai Ho.” A finite series, the series will blend in science fiction and mythology with the narrative tilting in the comic space. A ground-breaking show that taps into our rich cultural heritage, it even traces time-travel as far back as to the era of the “Mahabharat.”

Excited, ecstatic and nervous is equal measure, Dubey said, “I am over the moon about this show, because something like this can be a game-changer for content. It makes me want to work hard. I feel a greater sense of responsibility towards the story. The character is a real person from today’s time, but the story has a futuristic, mystical quality. Real people have reference points; this is fantasy that is hard to crack and thus requires devotion, commitment and learning.”

He added, “I want to try my best to understand the background of this part; it’s so complex that I am waiting to embark on this adventure. It is a fantastic script, one that will make people sit up and notice the sheer power of good content. It’s an intrinsically Indian story that is ambitious and grand, nothing short of a visual spectacle if made right.”

Recalls Dubey, “I remember I was physically and mentally exhausted after the completion of “Prassthaanam” wherein I’m playing this intense, angry, dark character. I wanted to do something light and fun and “Maharaj Ki Jai Ho” came my way. I read the initial 10 episodes and couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s some really interesting comic writing, with elements of time-travel and sci-fi, and the script is the backbone of any series or movie and that convinced me to go ahead and just do it without thinking twice.”

The show is directed and written by David Polycrap and produced by Fuzzy Duck. It also stars Nitesh Pandey, Ashwin Mushran and Aakash Dhabade amongst others.

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