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Actress-dancer Sudha Chandran recently started shooting for her new show, “Tara from Satara.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Great beginnings give us the strength to continue. 33 years ago, after starting out with “Nache Mayuri” (a disguised version of her life story), which was a huge hit, and many other films and television serials, Sudha Chandran recently started shooting for her new show, “Tara from Satara.”

The show is based on dance, and dance is what makes Chandran feel at home. While all the actors were excited to meet and shoot with her, the actress herself is a great fan of the show.

“Tara from Satara” is the latest fiction offering of Sony Entertainment Television and it also comes with a blend of reality in it. The show depicts the reality of reality—that is, what happens behind the cameras in reality shows. The show is about the changing lives of reality show contestants and Chandran can be seen as a reality show judge. 

Speaking about her first day, she said, “I am an ardent follower of ‘Tara from Satara’ and it is very close to my heart, as it is based on dance. This is a blend of reality and fiction, and one will get to know the back story of reality shows. This is my first venture with Sony Entertainment Television, and I am having a great experience. The shoot environment is very positive, and the co-actors are also very good. The show is already doing great and I think that this concept is something that is going to go forward.”

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