TV Mere Sai

Supriya Pilgaonkar (left) and Abeer Soofi from "Mere Sai." While shooting for a crrent track in the show, Pilgaonkar got emotionally overwhelmed with the whole scenario of the adoption of a child. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—The teachings of Sai Baba have influenced millions across the world. Sony Entertainment Television’s show “Mere Sai,” based on the life of the saint, aims at spreading his message of kindness and humanity.

In the recent track, Suhasini, played by veteran film and television actress Supriya Pilgaonkar, is a troubled mother who has lost her child as well as her faith in God, comes to Shirdi and meets Sai Baba. The saint helps her rediscover the joy of motherhood by helping her to adopt a child. While shooting, the actress got emotionally overwhelmed with the whole scenario of the adoption of a child.

Pilgaonkar said, “Yes, I did become emotional while shooting for the track wherein my character adopts a child. One of the primary reasons I wanted to be a part of this show was because of the noble message being imparted of being compassionate towards each other. In the sequence, it is shown that my character adopts a child, and it suddenly dawned on me about the number of kids who are orphans and do not have anyone to look after them. Every child deserves to have a secure and fun childhood, and I pray to Sai Baba for the same.”

Pilgaonkar has more than one reason to rejoice about being a part of the show: Vaibhav Mangle, another well-known artiste from the Marathi entertainment industry, is a part of the show from its inception. On learning about Mangle bagging the role of Kulkarni in the serial, she had congratulated him without realizing that she too would be a part of the project soon! It was a joyful reunion on the sets with them sharing screen space after 14 years.

Said Pilgaonkar, “Vaibhav has been a dear friend from a long time. In fact, his first movie “Navra Maazha Navasaacha” was directed by my husband (Sachin). I have always seen him perform comic roles and it piqued my curiosity to watch him portray a negative avatar, and how Sai Baba, with his grace and blessings, brings a positive change in the character.”

Another interesting facet of the show surfaced recently: We have all heard stories of fans worshipping their on-screen idols as a common occurrence in a country where people idolize celebrities and mimic them. One such incident has come to light when one of the viewers, after being moved by the performance of Abeer Soofi as Sai Baba, changed her name to Reeba, an anagram of the actor's name. The fan recently visited the set and met all the actors and was overwhelmed on meeting Soofi, who said, “I was touched by this gesture and deeply moved.”

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