TV Ladies Special

Actor Swapnil Joshi is back on the small screen after 10 years and plays a cameo in “Ladies Special.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Swapnil Joshi is soon going to be seen in Sony Entertainment Television’s daily series “Ladies Special.” The star is back on the small screen after 10 years and plays a cameo.

The actor is playing himself in the show. He will be entertaining people with his inimitable comic timing and charm. Turns out that Joshi will be seen in a ‘burqa’ until his identity is revealed by the leading ladies of the show. Meghana Nikade, played by Girija Oak, essays the role of an entrepreneur with a garment business and Joshi is going to give her a big order for garments.

Joshi said, “I’m doing Hindi mainstream television after almost 10 years or so. I was busy doing Marathi films. It’s a great feeling because you’re coming back to your roots. Deep down I’m very much a TV product, and whatever I am is thanks to television. This is what gave me my name, fame and whatever respect I’ve earned. I think I’ve done maximum work with Sony, which has been extremely instrumental in building my career and it’s like family. So, when I got a call that there’s a cameo, it was like an old friend calling, and I am just going to go ahead and do it. I’m very happy to be a part of ‘Ladies Special,’ which I think is very enriching and beyond entertainment, it’s an aspiration-based show. It gives you hope and happiness. It makes you look forward to tomorrow.”

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