TV Ashish Gokhale

Dr. Ashish Gokhale, from the Sony Entertainment Television show “Tara From Satara,” in his role of Varun Mane. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Actors have been seen experimenting with their looks and physique when it comes to doing justice with their roles. Dr. Ashish Gokhale, from the Sony Entertainment Television show “Tara From Satara,” has shown similar dedication for his role of Varun Mane. He was fond of weight-training from his college days but has now shifted his mode of exercise to make him look lean rather than muscular.

Gokhale’s role is of a simple middle-class man from the small town of Satara, who is the younger brother in the family. He listens to his mother, his brother, and his wife, but also gives his viewpoint.

Also, the actor still continues his medical practice and visits his clinic daily after the shoot and sometimes even stays there the entire night, directly coming to shoot without even a moment of rest. For him, the two fields are not his professions but his passions, and he cannot stay away from either.

Talking about his preparations, Gokhale said, “My role is quite unique. For this, I had to lose weight, and thus, I had to leave weight-training that I had been doing since my college days. Your look in the role can build or reduce audience interest. My character Varun should not come across as fake, so for this character, I had to work quite a lot on my body language. Initially, I used to go to the director after every shot to ask if what I did was correct.”

Speaking about his medical practice, the doctor said, “Both acting and medical practice are very close to my heart, so when I have shoots I go to the hospital after that, and it doesn’t tire me at all, as both my careers are instrumental in relaxing me.”

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