MUMBAI—Telly town's most anticipated wedding, that of actress Aashka Goradia to her American beau Brent Goble, was a perfect example of East meets West. The couple had a white wedding two days prior to the traditional function that took place in Aashka's hometown Ahmedabad Dec. 4. It was a beautiful amalgamation of two cultures, what with their white wedding, ‘mehendi’ and ‘sangeet.’

The bride wore light pink ‘lehenga’ by “Padmavati” fame designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula, while the bridegroom was attired in a Pawan and Pranav creation as he came on a horse with his ‘baaraatis’ dancing into the ‘mandap.’

Goradia ditched the usual entry in a ‘doli’ (carriage) and made an entry dancing to the famous song, “Dhating Nach,” from “Phata Poster Nikkla Hero.” The actress, who recently launched her make-up label, wanted to do her own make-up for the big day. She wore ethereal jewelry by Orra complementing the lehenga.

No wedding is complete without the tradition where the bridesmaids steal the groom’s ‘mojdis’ (sandals) and friends and family had a great time witnessing the tussle as Goble ultimately gave in to paying his sisters-in-law a hefty amount of $10,000 to be allowed to continue the ‘pheras’ and get his shoes back!

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