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Terence Lewis says toughest part of being a judge is to keep yourself updated. (photo via IANS)

MUMBAI — Choreographer Terence Lewis will be seen as a judge alongside Geeta Kapur and Malaika Arora on 'India's Best Dancer' Season 2. He says he literally has to be on his toes!

In a candid conversation, Terence Lewis elaborates on the theme 'Best Ka Next Avatar' and talks about the bond he shares with actress Malaika Arora and Geeta Kapur on the show.

"In 'India's Best Dancer 2' we are looking for the 'Best Ka Next Avatar.’ These days, social media has created awareness about different dance styles and has even inspired people across the country to take up dance as a full-fledged profession. I feel people have realised how they can make themselves standout and that is why I believe that the 'Best Ka Next Avatar' is the most suitable title for Season 2," shares Terence.

Terence is back on the judges' panel and he is quite happy about it as he says: "It feels amazing because last season was such a big hit and we had some wondrous talent. I would also say that I am certain that this season is going to get even better."

Ask him about the challenges he faces as a judge on the show: "The toughest part is to keep yourself updated with the different styles that these budding dancers come up with. Each form, each pattern needs to be improvised, and the contestants make it even more special when they own it!

"It's about the minor details - the training, landing, style, aesthetic, we as judges need to keep all this in mind as we watch them perform. It must be perfect in terms of technique and the viewing experience should also tick all the boxes. Current trends, songs and a lot more are what we as judges, need to consider. It comes with great responsibility and all three of us try our level best to ace it, every time."

Terence shares his bonding with Malaika and Geeta on the dance reality show and adds: "Geeta and I have been best friends forever. Malaika was my student 20 years ago. Geeta and I have grown together in our careers and it feels very comfortable to share the tag of a co-judge with her and Malaika both. All of us share a wonderful bond and have a lot of fun. Sometimes the production people have to especially ask us to 'be calm'."

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