TV Tumbbad Boy

Child actor Mohammad Samad, who came to light for his role with a recent web series and the film “Tumbbad,” will be in the cast of “Mere Sai- Shraddha aur Saburi.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Sony Entertainment Television’s “Mere Sai- Shraddha aur Saburi” has consistently garnered viewers’ attention since inception. Recently, iconic actors Ketki Dave and Vijay Kashyap made their presence felt in the show and now, along with Kishori Godbole as well, there is another new addition.

Child actor Mohammad Samad, who came to light for his role with a recent web series and the film “Tumbbad,” will also be in the cast. Samad is famous for his combination of a cute and mature acting style and will be essaying Balram. Balram, who was a bright boy, has lost all hope in life when his father, who was also his guru, passed away.

He also believes that he was responsible for the death of his father, and that is why he shies away from getting into the paternal business of carpentry as everything he does reminds him of his father’s death. Later, Sai Baba comes to his rescue and uses the 5 tatvas or panch mahabhoot to teach him an important lesson in life.

Samad is highly excited about his role and feels proud to have bagged it without an audition. The show is among the favorites of his family, who are all very happy about him being a part for a show that they watch every day.

Samad is preparing for the show by reading books on Sai Baba like “Sai Satcharitra” and others to ensure that he brings out the essence of his character. He said, “I have already started preparing for the show by observing the actors keenly on screen. I have also made various visits on the sets and met the entire crew to understand the work pattern. It would be a great chance to work with such experienced actors like Kishori Godbole and Abeer Soofi. The role of Balram is quite interesting and has highs and lows in emotions. It would be a great opportunity to learn and enhance my acting skills.”

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