half marriage

Farukh, Kanupriya Pandit, Muni Jha, Reshma Tipnis, Tarun Mahilani, Satyajit Sharma, Priyanka Purohit and Avdeep Sidhu are seen at the launch of &TV’s new show, “Half Marriage.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — It is believed that a marriage is made in heaven and solemnized on earth. But what if this holy bond is crafted for a political gain? Will such a marriage make way for a war or will flourish to evoke feelings of love?

Presenting a fresh take on one such marriage, &TV is all set to launch “Half Marriage.” Tracing the lives of Arjun (Tarun Mahilani) and Chandini (Priyanka Purohit), the weekly show explores an unusual marital bond born out of political influence and cultural beliefs.

Produced and conceptualized by Kavita Barjatya and Kaushik Ghatak of Conscious Dreams, “Half Marriage” will redefine the popular phrase “Everything is fair in Love and War” to “Everything is fair in Hate and Politics.” The show starts Sep. 25.

Set in culturally rich Kanpur, “Half Marriage” recounts the story of Arjun, a middle-class boy who often gets into trouble due to his righteous behavior, and Chandni, born to a rich politician who has immense love and respect for her father, Vanraj Kanojia (Satyajit Sharma).

While Arjun fights against the injustice that prevails in the political scenario, Chandni wages a war against those tarnishing her father’s image. As the story progresses, the two develop immense hatred towards each other and Kanojia’s political aspirations lead to plotting this forced marriage. What follows next is the young pair’s dilemma and the question comes: “Yeh shaadi jung layegi” (Will this wedding bring war?) or “Yeh shaadi rang layegi” (Will this marriage bloom?).

Talking about his multi-dimensional character of Vanraj, Sharma said, “The concept of forced marriage is something we all are familiar with, and this serial presents a fresh and intriguing take on the issue. I am playing the character of a rich and shrewd politician, who is the world’s best father for his daughter.”

On portraying Arjun, Mahilani said, “The show highlights the harsh reality of forced marriages. As an artiste, I always strive to play a challenging role and I am glad that I got the opportunity to portray Arjun and be a part of an unusual concept.”

Purohit, essaying the role of Chandni, said, “Born with a silver spoon, Chandni looks up to her father as a godlike figure who cannot do any wrong. Her life is a big illusion surrounded by fake relations that changes when she is married to a middle-class boy Arjun.”  

Kanpuriya Pandit as Sulakshana Sharma (Arjun’s mother), Resham Tipnis as Janki Mishra (Arjun’s maternal aunt), Muni Jha as Surendar Mishra (Arjun’s maternal uncle), Avdeep Sidhu as Suryaprakash Kanojiya (Chandni’s brother) and others lend support.

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