Karmphal Data Shani

Sampada Vaze (right) will soon be seen in Aapka Colors’ “Karmphal Data Shani” essaying the role of Ravan’s wife Mandodari, while Nirbhay Wadhwa (left) will play Lord Hanuman. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Sampada Vaze, known for her powerful performances in several mythological shows, will soon be seen in Aapka Colors’ “Karmphal Data Shani.” The actor has already started shooting her part on the ensemble show. Vaze will be essaying the role of Ravan’s wife, the self-righteous Mandodari.

A beautiful, virtuous and pious lady, Mandodari will bear Ravan’s three sons – Meghanad, Atikeya and Akshay Kumara. However, as Ravan captures Dhamini and wants to marry her, Mandodari plays the significant role of helping Dhamini escape from Lanka.

Said Vaze, “I am happy to play the character of Mandodari that everyone has heard of, but not many know much about. Mandodari tries to follow the right path despite her life circumstances and is a perfect foil to the invincible Ravan, played by Dhabaaz Khan. This is my second outing with the channel and Team Swastik after ‘Navakal,’ and I hope to bring to life the various shades of Mandodari, the unfortunate queen of Lanka.”

Meanwhile, Nirbhay Wadhwa, who has carved a niche for himself in the television industry again in mythological shows, will be essaying the role of Hanuman. Wadhwa, intrigued by the story of Lord Shani’s and Lord Hanuman’s clash, has given the show a nod.

He has already started shooting for the track that focuses on the battle between Lord Shani and Lord Hanuman. Said Wadhwa, “I am glad to be associated with the show now. I am a huge bhakt of Hanuman and looking forward to play the lord in the epic show.”

Hanuman enters the show as an assassin planted by Ravan to make Shani’s life more difficult. However, when Hanuman goes on a journey of spying on Shani and preparing himself for the battle, a fight with his inner conscience begins. Hanuman is reminded of Shani’s friendship and their memories together.

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