New Delhi — Actor Vatsal Seth, who plays a negative role of a spoiled brat in TV show “Ek Hasina Thi,” says he was initially skeptical to play the character because he has a “good guy” image onscreen.

"I essay the role of Shaurya Goenka, who is a spoiled, rich brat and an arrogant playboy. He is unlike a hero. Shaurya is an edgy character and a contrast from the good guy I have played so far.

"I didn’t really expect that the character would be received well. I was initially confused to take up the role because I never thought that I could pull off a negative character," said Seth.

The 34-year-old actor, who got his big break in Bollywood with “Tarzan - The Wonder Car,” following it up with “Nainhe Jaisalmer” and “Heroes and Hostel,” made his TV debut with the Star Plus show.

"I chose the show because I found the script engaging. The characters are very unique on the show. Even if we talk about my character, it’s not an out-and-out negative role. He is a lovable negative guy," he said.

Currently on the show, Seth is paralyzed and wheelchair-bound.

"I am lucky that there are so many variations to the character. It’s a learning experience for me to act in a wheelchair. As I cannot move, I have to act through my facial expressions," he said.

Also starring Sanjeeda Sheikh, Bhuvnesh Mann, Simone Singh and Ayub Khan, the show is a revenge drama where Sheikh’s character is seeking to avenge the rape of her sister by Shaurya.

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