Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma (right) appeared on the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode of “Bigg Boss 11” with Salman Khan on Colors to promote his newest film, “Firangi.” The film releases on Nov. 24. (photo provide)

MUMBAI—No, no, Kapil Sharma isn’t shifting his show back to Aap Ka Colors! It’s just that the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode of “Bigg Boss 11” with Salman Khan was a treat for audiences.

Stated a channel press release, showing that all is hunky-dory now between Sharma and them: “Changing the paradigm of comedy in India, Kapil Sharma is set to enter the house, armed with great comic timing and with punch-lines in tow. Thrilled to see Kapil in the house, the contestants extend a warm welcome to him. Speaking about their journey in the house, Kapil tells them that they have received special letters from outside. They have to guess to whom each letter is directed.”

In the second part of the task, Sharma gave each of them a chance to vent their anger towards any one person in the house. Placing a mannequin in the living area, contestants got a chance to kick the doll. Vikas’ face-mask seemed to be in demand as Luv and Sapna both chose it and kicked away their blues. Spilling the beans about her feeling toward India’s favorite bahu, Arshi Khan took a blow at Hina Khan’s face-mask and landed a swift kick on the mannequin.

Salman Khan forewarned Punessh and Bandagi about their relationship coming to light on national television. Bandagi went on to accuse Priyank of talking about her former relationships and cracking jokes at her expense, and she broke down. Khan put all matters to rest by asking everyone about the current villain in the house.

Okay, okay, so now the big Q: Kapil Sharma back on Colors? Why? How? Simple, folks – almost every non-fiction show worth its TRPs on every leading channel is used to promote a film, and Sharma is promoting his newest film, “Firangi” on the channel. So what better than a sellout show like “Bigg Boss 11” for that?”

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