TV Sai Baba

Abeer Soofi as Sai Baba in Sony Entertainment Television’s show “Mere Sai.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Actors often get so engrossed in their on-screen avatars that their true nature also gets influenced to an extent. After shooting for 12 hours or more a day for weeks on end, it is evident that an actor’s personality will show glimpses of the role that he essays on television. Recently a similar incident happened on the sets of Sony Entertainment Television’s show “Mere Sai.” Abeer Soofi, who plays Sai Baba, encountered a “hurdle” while shooting a particular sequence.

Sai Baba was the epitome of calmness and forgiveness. Similarly, Soofi has religiously practiced and ensured that he portrays a calm and demure persona of the saint on television. Shirdi Sai Baba spoke sparingly and always spread the message of love and kindness. There have been rare instances when Baba got angry with anyone or shouted at them. So, while shooting for such a sequence, Soofi found it difficult to exhibit anger on screen!

Said Soofi, “I have always been a calm person, and rarely have I been angry or upset with anyone. After becoming a follower of Sai Baba, this calmness quotient has increased manifold. As per my role, it is necessary for me to emote and exhibit the saint’s calm and peaceful behavior to the best of my ability. Lakhs of devotees sought his advice on various matters, and he responded to each and every one in a loving manner. There have been rare times when he expressed his anger and owing to a recent track on the show; I too had to do the same!”

And he admitted, “However, it was difficult for me as I am so accustomed to being the ever-smiling and loving version of Sai Baba, so it was a task to get the shot right. I had to give multiple takes for the director to give a thumbs-up to the shot! It was an interesting experience for me.”

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