Model and film actress Gauahar Khan and television actor Kushal Tandon became one of India's most loved television couples last year when they confessed their love for each other during Bigg Boss 7. It was rare to see a heartwarming love relationship develop on the reality show, and the duo got a huge fan following after the show was over.

Gaushal, as they were fondly called by their fans, continued to be together for almost a year, but few days ago, Tandon took to Twitter to announce that the couple was no longer together.

"There is nothing called gaushal guys m sorry to break the news ...... Gauahar n I r no more together and peace," tweeted Kushal.

An angry Kushal also went ahead and spoke about the details of their relationship to a journalist. Kushal spoke about how his grandfather Lalji Tandon was a distinguished BJP member. And for Kushal, who is his grandson, Gauahar would not be an ideal match. He was obviously referring to her being Muslim. Last night, Kushal rendered an apology to his fans and Gauahar through a note, so as to not spark off a controversy. 

We hear that Gauahar was quite shocked with his statement as she was not expecting him to go public just yet. It seems every time the couple had a fight, even if it was a little on, Kushal would threaten to walk out of the relationship.

There have been speculations about Kushal's drinking habit being one of the main reasons for break up. Talk was that Kushal became a changed man when he drank and always ended up fighting with her. Gauhar, who is a teetotaler and cannot even stand the smell of smoke, was also fed up with her boyfriend's habits. But Gauahar has refuted those rumors. 

"Everything written wid false claims abt kushals habits is UNTRUE...this is my last wrd...hav fun journos... To all those journalists who find these imaginary friends to Gv comments on peoples lives, GET A LIFE.." she tweeted in response to the stories doing the rounds.

Gauahar has decided to remain silent on the reasons for the breakup.

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