As Zee TV's "Qubool Hai" changes its track yet again and gets ready to introduce new characters in the third season, Karanvir Bohra gets set to leave the show. Bohra, who plays the role of Aahil on the show will shoot his last episode April 4. A new lead actor will be introduced to add some spice, and create a love triangle between Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti's characters.

We are not sure about what will happen to Bohra's character. A new actor might be brought in to replace Bohra or he might be killed off. Either way, we will know soon.

But what is the real reason behind Bohra's ouster? While earlier Karan Singh Grover had quit "Qubool Hai" to pursue a Bollywood career, Bohra is not quitting the show for a film. After being viewed as an anti-hero Bohra got a huge romantic makeover with "Qubool Hai," but it looks like the actor did not want to continue riding on that success. We hear that he felt that taking his character further would just be stretching it. Also, he felt that as an actor and as a character he has offered what he had to. 

"I believe my journey (on the show) is over now. Some people come for a season, and some for a lifetime. Well, I came for a season," said Bohra, in an interview. 

Even though makers of the show tried to convince him to stay, Bohra felt he needed to move on. The parting, in the end, was amicable. 

After Karan Singh and Karanvir, we wonder which handsome hunk would now become the new face of "Qubool Hai." Watch this space for more on that.

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