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The relationship between Zee TV’s “Piya Albela” lead actors Akshay Mhatre (left) and Sheen Das will take a drastic turn as the show is set to take a time-leap wherein Mhatre will be seen donning the role of a politician. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Zee TV’s popular fiction drama, “Piyaa Albela” has been engaging audiences with its intriguing storyline and interesting characters. Naren (Akshay Mhatre)’s and Pooja (Sheen Das)’s relationship will take a drastic turn as the show is set to take a time-leap wherein Naren will be seen donning the role of a politician and Pooja will find solace in the company of courtesans after she leaves the Vyas Mansion.

Following the leap, Naren will be seen as a suave and powerful politician with a stern approach towards life. Convinced that Chandrika is the root cause behind his mother’s ill-health, he decides to eliminate courtesans from society by making their life miserable. Pooja on the other hand, will be seen moving out of the Vyas house into Chandrika (Jaya Binju)’s haveli. She will live among other courtesans and work towards educating them and teaching them subjects like English and Maths.

Pooja will also be seen in a completely different avatar, sporting elegant sarees and Indian wear. Her main motive, while living with the courtesans, will be to bridge the gap between Naren and his real mother, thereby bringing them closer.

Mhatre said, “As the show takes a leap, it will enter a new phase and I will be more powerful and hard-hearted than ever before. To prepare for this persona, I have watched a couple of international shows like “House of Cards” and “The Blacklist” for reference. I hope that they enjoy and love this aspect of my character as well.”

Das added, “The show and its intriguing storyline never ceases to surprise me, and I am really looking forward to this exciting new storyline. I hope the audience will enjoy watching me in this new role.”

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