Fear Files

The new season of Zee TV’s “Fear Files” will premiere in India on July 22 and will air on weekends at 10.30 PM. (Zee TV/Twitter photo)

MUMBAI—If you believe in the existence of supernatural powers, spirits, souls after death and ghosts, or have experienced paranormal activities near you, or have had friends telling you something like that happened to them; then this show is the one for your ‘spirit.’

Zee TV brings fear back on television as it returns with the next edition of its immensely popular first-of-its-kind horror docudrama “Fear Files – Darr Ki Sacchi Tasveerein.” Following the success of its previous seasons, the new edition promises to redefine fear as it narrates real-life accounts narrated in a video diary format. The show will endeavor to demystify intriguing, unfathomable events that have occurred in different parts of the country. It premieres on Jul. 22 in India.

The high-octane thrills bring alive incidents where people’s worst nightmares turned to reality. Stories presented here are based on legends heard and read about and on various case studies. Each episode will recreate accounts of experiences that defy explanation. The settings will be as varied as a haunted skyscraper to a lonesome night in a train bogey to a mysterious beach to a strange jungle hamlet and a ghostly hotel too. A 30-episode series, it is produced by Bodhi Tree Productions, with Sukesh Motwani and Mautik Tolia at the helm.

Zee TV deputy business head Deepak Rajadhyaksha said at the launch, “Accounts of the paranormal kind have always been a part of our folklore and piqued our interest, especially when we know that this has happened in real. Right since it first launched in 2012, ‘Fear Files’ commands a dedicated viewership as the franchise brings stories that are well-researched, establish human connections and dwell on the human angles and emotions rather than merely narrate a story of horror. That way, each account becomes far more relatable and evokes a sense of ‘This could happen to you.’ We only hope to further build affinity towards the franchise amongst audiences with this new season.”


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